Webinar: QAT and Clipboard

Here is the webinar where I cover the QAT toolbar, all the options for Paste Special and some very cool tricks with the Camera Tool.

The files below are the ones I used in the webinar. You can download them to follow along. The ‘Complete’ file is the end result.

3 thoughts on “Webinar: QAT and Clipboard

  1. Hi Mark,
    i was sorry i missed your webinar but i did get a chance to watch it today and learned some cool tricks which i will definitly implement at work, so thanks for that!!
    i have one question which was not covered but i feel would be a simple one if only i knew how… Anyway, when i first got Office 365 i found that i could copy a formula that i set up on one line over and over again, which helped me a lot as i had to, previously, copy>insert copied line over and over again previously and i thought YES!! i won’t have to do that anymore. Well for some reason that stopped and i have to now revert to copy>insert copied line over and over AGAIN. IS this a fixable thing or should i just suck it up and just do as i have been doing?
    Any way i just wanted to say i greatly enjoyed your webinar and cannot wait for the next one. I hope your cold leaves you soon!!

    Thank You
    Mary Haynes

    1. Glad you liked it Mary!

      OK, when I copy a formula, I get the blinking border and I can continue to paste as much as I need to. I don’t think that behavior has changed lately.
      Does the same thing happen when you use CTRL+C to copy?
      Try disabling any addins you have and see if that resolves the issue.
      Have you tried updating your Excel? Go to File, Account, Click the Office Updates button, select ‘Check for and apply updated for Office’.
      If none of that worked, send me a few screenshots of the issue. We will figure it out!

  2. Hi Mark
    Sorry I missed your class. I had an emergency; however, I did watch your video. Very nice. Let’s continue to communicate.

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