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Drawing Tools

If you are in the habit of using PowerPoint or Visio to create hierarchies and other data driven images, you will love this lesson. I will cover how to use Excel’s powerful image manipulation tools to create and link the images to the data in your spreadsheets…when your data updates, so will your images!

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Mastering Excel Macros: Charts

This macro lesson focuses on how to write macros that update and alter charts in Excel. I don’t go into all the chart object model because it is very deep and complex…but I do give you enough information to be dangerous. 🙂

I’ll show you how to have charts update automagically, let users change the color of the chart and much more.

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Power Pack Bundle


Mark Moore here. I wanted to talk about the newest addition to Excel. Power BI. Power BI makes Excel really shine and opens a whole new world of data analysis and reporting.

What is Power BI?

Power BI is a collection of several tools that let Excel collects data, manage the data model and build interactive dashboards. No extra software needed. It’s all inside Excel.

A major limitation of Excel is that it cannot handle several million rows of data. Are you running into this wall? Have you thought about using Access to store the data and then have Excel as the analysis engine? That’s clunky and unstable. Can you create interactive dashboards from millions of rows? Do you want to be the Excel guru of the office? I’ll help you do that.

The tools in Power BI are:

  • Mastering Excel: Power Query (extract data from databases, the web, Excel files, etc.)
  • Mastering Excel: Power Pivot (manage the data)
  • Mastering Excel: Power View (create dashboards)
  • Mastering Excel: Power Map (create geographical data-based maps)

The Power BI lessons are written in plain English, from a non-technical perspective. There are several step-by-step exercises with plenty of images to help you learn these powerful features.
Additionally, the book comes with several practice workbooks so you can work alongside the text to get hands-on experience.

You can find the eBook version in here:
Mastering Excel: Power Pack Bundle (ebook)

You can find the paperback version in here:
Mastering Excel: Power Pack Bundle (paperback)

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Note that you must have Excel 2016 or Office 365 Pro Plus to use all the features. You might get away with Excel 2013 for some of them but not all features will be supported in that version of Excel.

Goal Seek and Solver

Welcome to yet another Excel lesson!

This lesson is a bit longer than the rest of the series because this is a hefty topic. Here I cover:

  • Goal Seek
  • Scenario Manager
  • Solver

These three topics are essential for heavy duty data analysis. These topics make Excel shine…like seriously. I’ll show you how to structure worksheets and have Excel perform thousands of calculations to arrive at the best answer. With these in your Excel tool belt, you’ll laugh derisively at your manager’s questions. (please…do the laughing internally. Some managers might not take too kindly to derisive laughter.) 🙂

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