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Excel eBook Lessons
This site contains all of the follow along workbooks for the Mastering Excel eBook lessons. Each lesson should have a link to the specific page but if you can't find the correct page, you can also use the Search bar on the left.

Mastering Excel Online School
I also wanted to let you know that I also have an online Excel school. Yes, I FINALLY launched it. What is so different about the school vs the eBook lessons? The overarching theme of the eBook lessons was brevity. I wrote those lessons with the intent of them being very short and to the point. With the online school, I go into more depth in each subject. I can tell you various tips, tricks and tidbits of information without messing up the step-by-step flow.

You can see the school in this link. Fair warning: I just launched the school and am in the middle of recording lessons. The first course on Mastering Excel Formulas has 7 hours of Excel coolness. Next up on my agenda is an in depth course on macros.

Stop by and check out my school here:

This is a link to the Mastering Excel Formulas class:

I am going to start broadcasting webinars on Excel. I want to cover one specific topic and then open up the floor for Q & A. I think that will be a blast! This will also give you a chance to 'dip your toe in the water' and see how I teach if you are on the fence about enrolling in the school.

Webinars are still a work in process though. Stay tuned for more updates!


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Thank you for taking the time to check out my site. I’m guessing that you want to lean Excel?

I’m your guy! I’m Mark and I have been teaching Excel for almost a decade. When I was a consultant, part of my job was teaching Excel in a classroom setting. That job ended but I really liked teaching, so I started writing Excel lessons in eBooks. At last count I have over 50 of them!

I’ll get to that in a second, first let’s talk about the webinar. I’ve been hosting webinars where my eBook customers and I hang out and learn about Excel in a fun, no stress, setting. Attendees can ask me questions about the material in the chat window and I might drop a horrible joke or two during the session.

All in all, I’ve gotten great feedback on the webinars.
Now I’ve decided to open the webinars up to the general public. I think that there aren’t enough opportunities for regular people that are kind of intimidated by Excel to learn about it. I know when I started learning Excel I was completely overwhelmed and I slowly (ever so slowly) started to get the hang of it. Well, I don’t think that’s the best way to learn.

OK let me give you some nitty gritty details.
Zoom Platform
I’m using the Zoom platform. All you need to do is log into zoom to see my screen. You can call in or use your computer audio to listen to me.

Each webinar is limited to 100 attendees. If you are interested, sign up today so you can claim your spot!

In Zoom chat, I will post the workbook with sample data that I will use. You click on the link and you can download the same workbook to follow along.

I send out the invites for the webinar about 1 week in advance. I have people attending from all over the world, I hold the webinars usually on my Saturday morning (Pacific Standard Time)
The webinar lasts about 1 hour. Might go longer depending on how many questions I get.

I know schedules can get hectic and life gets in the way of the best laid plans. I do record the webinars and I post them up on my website on a rotating basis so you can catch them if you can’t attend.

Mac or PC?
I don’t own a Mac so I will be using the PC version of Excel. If you have a Mac and you feel comfortable following along even though what you see me do won’t match your computer, by all means join us. However, I won’t be able to answer any Mac specific Excel questions.

OK, sounds kind of cool but who are you again? I’m not sold on it.

I’m Mark Moore.
I’m a part-time author that loves to teach Excel. My Mastering Excel series has short, focused Excel lessons on many Excel topics. No fluff, just step-by-step instructions and explanations written without any technical jargon. Each eBook lesson also comes with a follow along workbook that readers can use to practice what I teach.

Take a look at my author page to see what types of lessons I have published. Please read the reviews to get an idea of the quality of my instruction.
Most of them are good but yeah, I have some bad reviews. I’m not everyone’s cup of tea and those readers shared their experiences. By all means, read those too. Make an informed decision before spending part of your Saturday with me.
Click here to go to Mark Moore's Amazon Author Page

eBooks on Amazon
The way that I write is pretty close to the way that I teach. As a matter of fact, here’s what I can do. I have a few eBook lessons that are free on Amazon.
I’ll invite you to download them to your eReader and see if you like them. Click on the links below to download them from Amazon.

Mastering Excel: Excel Apps
Mastering Excel Macros: Introduction

Online Excel School
I have recently started creating material for my online school. There are two classes currently published.
Mastering Excel Formulas – I have over 8 hours of material where I cover many Excel formulas, how to use them and how to combine them
Mastering Excel Macros – this is a class that breaks down all the complicated topics of Excel programming into simple steps that anyone can learn.

Array Aware Excel
This is a BIG, BIG deal. Like SERIOUSLY a big deal.
The Excel team over at Microsoft has completely changed the way that Excel works under the covers. They now term the new Excel as ‘dynamic array aware Excel’ and the old Excel as ‘non-dynamic array aware Excel’. The bad part is that they look exactly the same! Arghhhh.

All right, what’s the big deal then? There are seven new formulas that are in the new Excel which will completely change how you work with data. They are awesome!

The new functions are:
• Filter
• Unique
• Sort
• SortBy
• Sequence
• Single
• Randarray

The regular users of Office 365 will have access to these new functions sometime in 2019. I have access to them now because I have Office 365 and I enrolled in the Office Insider program. I get the latest and greatest (and sometimes buggy) version of Excel every month. (I will say it’s cool to open Excel and have new stuff appear out of the blue.)

Why am I telling you all this if you can’t get it?

Because I put up a free preview of how to use these function in my Mastering Excel Formulas online class. Click on the link below to see these awesome new features of Excel and my teaching style. Completely free.

Click here to watch the Dynamic Arrays in Excel lecture

You can see and hear me teach Excel. That’ll be a free preview for you on what to expect in the webinar.

To sign up and get notified when the next webinar will be held, fill in the form below and I’ll send you an email with all the info.

Note: If the form does not appear, it may be blocked by your browser’s ad blocker. Try disabling the adblocker or try another browser. I promise you the form is really there!

I hope we get to meet in the webinar, I promise you that you’ll pick up a ton of tips and have fun.

See you in the webinar!



Webinar: QAT and Clipboard

Here is the webinar where I cover the QAT toolbar, all the options for Paste Special and some very cool tricks with the Camera Tool. The files below are the ones I used in the webinar. You can download them to follow along. The ‘Complete’ file is the end result.

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Drawing Tools

If you are in the habit of using PowerPoint or Visio to create hierarchies and other data driven images, you will love this lesson. I will cover how to use Excel’s powerful image manipulation tools to create and link the images to the data in your spreadsheets…when your data updates, so will your images! If […]

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Mastering Excel Macros: Charts

This macro lesson focuses on how to write macros that update and alter charts in Excel. I don’t go into all the chart object model because it is very deep and complex…but I do give you enough information to be dangerous. 🙂 I’ll show you how to have charts update automagically, let users change the […]

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Goal Seek and Solver

Welcome to yet another Excel lesson! This lesson is a bit longer than the rest of the series because this is a hefty topic. Here I cover: Goal Seek Scenario Manager Solver These three topics are essential for heavy duty data analysis. These topics make Excel shine…like seriously. I’ll show you how to structure worksheets […]

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Data Tables

Welcome to another lesson in the Mastering Excel series. This lesson focuses on data tables. No, not the pretty tables that have banded rows, those are tables. I’m talking about data tables. Data tables are a feature of Excel that let you analyze multiple variables simultaneously and see the interactions between them. If you want […]

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Array Formulas

Welcome to another lesson in the Mastering Excel series. This lesson focuses on the fabled array formulas. You’ve heard of them right? Seriously complex and only geniuses can even attempt to deal with them? Bah. They are just formulas! Yeah, they look funky and can get complex but the same applies to normal formulas. No […]

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Spreadsheet Inquire

Hi, Mark here with more follow along workbooks for an Excel lesson. This lesson covers Spreadsheet Inquire. Inquire is an add-on that was developed by Microsoft which helps you audit and analyze Excel workbooks. To use Inquire you must have either Office Professional Plus and Office 365 Professional Plus edition. Also, you will need to […]

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Bad Joke!

I got the joke backwards in my last email! What did the sushi say to the bee? Wasabi (I originally put ‘what did the bee say to the sushi’. I’ll see myself out now…)

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Mastering Excel Macros: Function Procedures

Hello again, This is Mark (the Excel dude). This is the sign up page for the lesson Mastering Excel Macros: Function Procedures. Enter you data below and a few things will happen: 1 – You will get a confirmation email (to make sure you are a real person and to prevent spam). When you click […]

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