Mastering Excel: Autofilter, Advanced Autofilter

Autofilter and Advanced Autofilter are excel's built-in functionality that lets users dynamically hide and display rows based on whichever criteria they need. In depth review of the Advanced Autofilter parameters are also covered.

Mastering Excel: Autofilter, Advanced Autofilter Mastering Excel: Autofilter, Advanced Autofilter


Suppose you have a spreadsheet with sales data, 10,000 rows of sales data. You need to quickly find out all the rows from certain salespeople, for a particular region that were under $1,000. Are you going to spend 45 minutes searching and asking for help while getting stressed out?!No need to go through all of that. Excel's Autofilter and Advanced Autofilter functions will help even the most basic Excel user answer these types of questions easily. No programming, no math, no complicated technical talk.Just plain English language with step-by-step instructions, pictures and tips to make Excel do most of the hard work while you take the credit.


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