Power Map

This lesson covers Power Map. Power Map is an Excel feature that you can use to graph geographical data. If you have data by city, country, zip code or even addresses, you can use Power Map to create a map of the data. I will also show you how to make custom animation in Power Map that help you show how the data changes over time. Even if you don't have geographical data, you can still use Power Map. I'll show you how to load custom maps and link your data to the custom maps (think part schematics, warehouse floor plans, etc.)

To get the follow along workbooks:
1 - Input your data below and click submit
2 - Wait a few minutes for a confirmation email (check your spam folder. Yes, I have to do this to prevent spam)
3 - Click the link in the confirmation email
4 - Wait a few minutes for the email from me to arrive
5 - Get working on Power Map!

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