Named Ranges, OFFSET and Dynamic Charts

In this lesson we cover a lot of very cool topics. First is Named Ranges, what they are, how they can help you. Then on to the OFFSET function, one of the most flexible and powerful functions in Excel (a shame that not many people know about it) and then we put these topics together to make dynamic charts. Charts that the Excel user can animate. No macros, no magic. Step-by-step we go through the process of creating these charts.

I have added a sample workbook that you can receive in your email so you can follow along with the lesson. This will definitely reinforce the topics and you can take the file with you to review the topics. Just sign up for my newsletter below and the sample workbook will be in your inbox. As an added bonus, I have included an extra animated chart in the sample workbook that is not covered in the book!

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Sandy Kent July 15, 2013 at 10:43 am

Very impressed with your book, made it very easy to understand the formula and dynamic charting. Thanks for the help.

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