Excel Macro Bundle: Lessons 1 – 10

I didn't think there would be a demand for this but readers have asked for it; a macro bundle. Seriously? A ton of pages about macros? Well, who am I to fight the will of the people? Here you go!

I have complied macro lessons 1 through 10 into one huge bundle. 254 pages of Excel macro info! I have also compiled all the follow along workbooks into a zip file that you will receive in your email once you input your info below.

As an aside, now that the material has enough pages, I am also going to get it created in paperback. When published, the paperback version should appear on the same page as the Kindle version. The paperback creating process takes longer than the Kindle creation process. If you want the paperback version, check on Amazon and wait until it appears there.

What is included in this bundle? All these lessons:

Mastering Excel Macros: Introduction (Book 1)
Mastering Excel Macros: Debugging (Book 2)
Mastering Excel Macros: Beginning to Code (Book 3)
Mastering Excel Macros: IF Statements (Book 4)
Mastering Excel Macros: Looping (Book 5)
Mastering Excel Macros: Object Variables (Book 6)
Mastering Excel Macros: PowerPoint Automation (Book 7)
Mastering Excel Macros: File System Object (Book 8)
Mastering Excel Macros: VBA Forms and Events (Book 9)
Mastering Excel Macros: Arrays (Book 10)

Note: There is no new information in this bundle, it is just a compilation of previous lessons.

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