Excel Lessons

If you have just clicked on the confirmation link in the email you just received, you should get the follow along workbooks in a few minutes (it may have gone into your Spam folder, make sure you check that folder). Until then, you can take a look at the other Excel lessons I have published on Amazon.com.

Click on the links to see them on Amazon.com.

Mastering Excel: Pivot Tables
Mastering Excel: SUMPRODUCT
Mastering Excel Formula Tips and Tricks
Mastering Excel Formulas IF, AND, OR
Mastering Excel Formulas SUM, SUMIF
Mastering Excel Formulas VLOOKUP
Mastering Excel: Autofilter, Advanced Autofilter
Mastering Excel: Conditional Formatting
Mastering Excel: MS Query
Mastering Excel: Named Ranges, OFFSET and Dynamic Charts
Mastering Excel: Sharing Workbooks
Mastering Excel: User Forms
Mastering Excel: Excel Apps
Mastering Excel: 90 Interview Questions
Mastering Excel: Building Dashboards
Mastering Excel: Charts
Mastering Excel: Power Query
Mastering Excel: Power Pivot

Mastering Excel: Building Dashboards Bundle

Excel Macros:
Mastering Excel Macros: Introduction (Book 1)
Mastering Excel Macros: Debugging (Book 2)
Mastering Excel Macros: Beginning to Code (Book 3)
Mastering Excel Macros: IF Statements (Book 4)
Mastering Excel Macros: Looping (Book 5)
Mastering Excel Macros: Object Variables (Book 6)
Mastering Excel Macros: PowerPoint Automation (Book 7)
Mastering Excel Macros: FileSystemObject (Book 8)
Mastering Excel Macros: VBA Forms and Events (Book 9)
Mastering Excel Macros: VBA Arrays (Book 10)

In Spanish:
Dominando Excel: Tablas DinĂ¡micas